Seven differences between cheap and expensive webhosting

We can find many types of webhosting on the internet for your website – but each type is different. Let’s have a look on what the differences are between cheap webhosting, such as cheap “WEDOS“, and expensive, professional webhosting, such as “WPENGINE“.

Main differences of cheap and expensive webhosting


Below we compare two webhostings – cheap, yet efficient WEDOS costs 1,1€ per month, while professional hosting WPENGINE (the best webhosting for WordPress) costs $29 per month.


webhostingThrough staging, we can create copies of sites and also test changes. If everything goes well, we can make the staging (test version) permanent. It is a great function when editing big websites, but if you have a smaller one, you might not use it that much. Bigger projects usually have three versions of pages: the release version, testing (staging) version and developer version for small updates, development and testing of new functions.

Speed of loading

If we have cheap hosting, the performance is preset, and it is your responsibility to deal with it – with the help of caching and other workarounds. On the other hand, professional webhosting deals with these problems for you with speed of loading, in particular:

  • Caching of memory (page caching, database caching and object caching)
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • Recommending which plugin not to use due to its unnecessary loading of database

Advanced security

Cheap hosting won’t deal with the security of your web pages, except for exceptions that could threaten the hosting company: for example, DDOS attacks or if malware attacks your site and threatens other sites as well. In contrast, expensive hosting will actively solve such problems for you. For example, quality WordPress webhosting limits the number of possible incorrect logins or filter vulnerabilities of plugins and templates. Moreover, it runs regular malware scans.

Back up

Although some cheap webhostings offer backups, the question is if the backups are on a different server or even in a different datacenter. Not every hosting will offer full-fledged backups (all of the data) in different locations. For professionals, I like the option of creating backups manually the most – for example, before update do so-called “restore point“. But even with expensive webhosting, it is a good idea to maintain your own backups of databases and files independent of the hosting.

Deluxe support from premium webhosting

Cheap webhosting targets many users for a low price, while premium webhosting deals with fewer users and offers services with additional value – it has specialists who will help, not only with the setting up, but also with the setting up of your website. For example, professional WordPress hosting WPENGINE can help you with setting up of WordPress, and even has a list with banned plugins and reasons why they are banned.


Both cheap and expensive hosting have their restrictions. The limits of cheap webhosting concern only performance, so it just depends on what performance you need. This mainly concerns the PHP memory_limit and the maximum number of PHP processors. On the other hand, expensive webhosting handles higher performance, not only because of better optimization (in-RAM caching), are often limited by views. WPENGINE offers 10.000 views in a basic package for $29.

When to choose professional webhosting

These seven differences listed above have a simple mission – to help you decide which webhosting to choose. For websites that earn significant amounts of money, I would recommend WPENGINE, a specialist on WordPress. But if you have only a blog or a simple company web, cheap webhosting WEDOS is enough, at least in the beginning. Anyway, I really recommend you back up to your computer as well, so you could retrieve your site from your backup by yourself if necessary. These questions could help you to decide which webhosting is more suitable for you

  • How much does my website earn me on average per day?
  • How long can a problem remain unresolved before it threatens your business?
  • How much money would I lose if a problem lasted half a day?

Cheap and expensive webhosting

I mentioned many times WordPress hosting, which I myself use. I use cheap but efficient webhosting by WEDOS, but this ICT magazine runs on WPENGINE.


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