Tutorial: How to redirect domain.com to blogger.com

Blogger, a service provided by Google, is a very interesting option to run your website or blog for free and assign your own domain.com. In this case, the webhosting is free and you pay only for one domain.

This week, my friend asked me to help him to redirect his domain, with and without www, to blogger.com. He had tried many times himself and told me that if I succeeded, he would gladly read the tutorial.

How to redirect domain.com, with and without www, to Blogger

    1. Buy your own domain, for example at domain.com
    2. Create a blog on blogger.com (Google Account needed)
    3. Open the blogger setting – basic, and click to “+Set-up 3dr party URL for your blog
      click to “+Set-up 3dr party URL for your blog‘
    4. On the next screen, write the domain name with www and save.
      fill in the domain name with www
    5. An error will show up, but that is OK. We just need the information below the picture (CMANE reccords). Leave this window open and go to the domain setting at the domain’s registrar.custom_doamin_blogger_step3_error_with_cname_data
    6. Now we are at the section Edit DNS records („edit DNS records„)custom_doamin_blogger_step4_setup_cname_aliases_at_domainPaste two CNAME records you got from Blogger.com. A CNAME is in fact an alias to the domain, the first value of CNAME records is always ‚subdomain‘ and the second one says where it directs. In this case, we direct www (or try.com) to Google servers (ghs.google.com). The second CNAME is probably for testing purposes or verification.custom_doamin_blogger_step5_create_cname_aliases
    7. After that, we can set A records („A records“), given from Google support (link), you will get four public IP addresses which must be pasted into section.custom_doamin_blogger_step6_setup_arecordsEdit DNS records the same way we did with CNAME. If A record is preset, rewrite it with the addresses from Google and paste other A records. Don’t forget to save everything to apply the changes.custom_doamin_blogger_step7_change_arecords_to_google
    8. And now there is just one step left. Wait for a while (usually 15 minutes to 24 hours) for the DNS records to be updated. Later, if you try your domain without WWW you will be redirected to blogspot, but it won’t work well. It is necessary to complete two more steps.
    9. In Blogger.com – Setting – Basic – Editcustom_doamin_blogger_step8_setup_redirect_to_www
    10. Then tick Redirect domain try.com to www.try.comcustom_doamin_blogger_step9_tick_redirect_to_www

The last step is often missed, and we will get to it after setting of A and CNAME records at the domain and after the update of the DNS records.

I hope this tutorial will help you with this ostensibly difficult problem – if you like it, please, share it via Like and Plus below.

We would be glad to receive any feedback as to whether it was hard or a piece of cake for you.


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